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Doctor Green’s Hemp is a holistic-health, eco-friendly, motivated company that specializes in HEMP oil products rich in cannabinoids and other natural healing ingredients. As a leader of the HEMP Industry we are proud to consistently offer the highest quality Hemp products in Puerto Rico and worldwide.


Doctor Green’s Hemp was founded on March 2015 by a Puertorican entrepreneur with a passion for healthy organic living. After years of working in the medical field and witnessing how traditional medicine in most cases causes more harm than healing, his commitment is to educate and help treat the ailing in restoring health through these organic and holistic means.


Through research and a life-long love and advocate of the cannabis HEMP plant, he explored the healing properties Industrial HEMP is known for, specially all CBD’s  and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids benefits. He worked with several HEMP oil companies and observed that the products available on the market were lacking potency, quality and transparency. This inspired him to continue searching, until he found a source of the highest-quality Hemp  based oil that gives more than just the CBD’s benefits.


Doctor Green’s Hemp launched the first product in April, starting with “Doctor Green’s Hemp Tonic” which had a fast acceptance and was a great success to the local and tourist community. Then developed “EL GALLO” vape & relax, a complete line of vaping oil to help those who want to quit smoking taking out the nicotine used in traditional vaping oils and adding our hemp rich oil formula. This line provides an anti-anxiety effect and gradually eliminates the crave for nicotine, while building up a stronger immune system. 


The company is continuously growing and gradually working in new quality Hemp products, to make a positive change in peoples life's ,health and environment. The core mission of Doctor Green’s Hemp is to make a positive impact on humanity and the world, and to expand the accessibility of high quality Hemp products to everyone.


The focus of our product line is to give the public the non-psychoactive benefits of Hemp, in a safe, secure and gentle formula. We use fractional distillation to take our THC levels down far below the definition of ‘Industrial Hemp' and zero-out the THC to a level that insures that our product is safe to use. We have found that there are many natural botanicals/dietary supplements which we use to enhance the benefits or our products and potentially help ensure our long term well-being.

To check out, please contact us directly by phone at (787)-979-6835 or email us at and we will provide you with an option to make your payment in order for us to deliver the merchandise to you.

Thank you for choosing Doctor Green's Hemp as your trusted brand of Hemp products!


Doctor Green’s Hemp is privately owned, fully insured, trust by thousands and comprises a group of passionate people. Our Hemp derived oils are always tested by third party laboratories for purity and potency of our products. Doctor Green’s Hemp does not distribute or sell any substances in ways that violate the United States Law or Controlled Substances Act.

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