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Doctor Green's Hemp Pets

$ 85.00

Doctor Green’s Hemp Pets 

The ideal supplement for all pets. A natural, organic, plant based blend to improve and maintain your pets health and immune system. Works as a natural relaxant for hyper pets. Maintains cognitive functions, improves mobility and regulates digestive system. Lowers blood pressure, regulates sugar levels, protects against liver damage and regulates liver functions. Reduces asthma and fatigue and works against parasites.



Hemp Cannabinoid Rich Pure Extract, Chamomile, Valerian, California Poppy, Vanilla and Milk Thistle.

Recommended Dose by Weight:

Up to 25 pounds 1/4 ML

25-50 pounds 1/2 ML

50 pounds and up 1 ML

Available in:

1 oz dropper bottle (300mg)


Blend it in with your pets food or give orally once or twice daily.