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Doctor Green’s Hemp Tonic Original Daily Supplement 300mg

$ 85.00

Doctor Green’s Hemp Tonic Original Daily Supplement 300mg

Our hemp derived, full-spectrum cannabinoid rich oil blend builds, improves and maintains your health, inmune and endocannabinoid system. It’s a daily supplement that should be taken by every family member to ensure their wellbeing. Our  Hemp Tonic can be an allied for complimenting treatments for many conditions in a medicinal natural way, balancing our central brain functions to help our body heal itself and improve it’s health condition.


Industrial Hemp Oil Extract Rich in Cannabinoids, MCT fractioned Coconut Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Flavoring.

Recommended Dose:

Adults take 1ml (2 full droppers) once or twice daily.

Children take 1/2 ml (1 full dropper) once or twice daily.

Take orally or blend it in any meal or drink of your preference.

For best results: Take daily and monitor your improvements day by day. Remember that every case is individual, you can increase the amount being taken or choose our premium Hemp Tonic depending on your conditions and goals. 

Available in:

1 oz dropper bottle (300mg)

2 oz dropper bottle (600mg)


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